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For all of our friends out there who love to take photos and videos of everything and get tired of running out of space on their SD cards…this product is for you!

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 SD card is amazing. This card will automatically upload your photos and videos to your computer using your wireless network! Yes, wirelessly!  As long as your camera is in range of your network (or the public network you may be using, or a portable hotspot) it will upload all the data to your computer! You can also use Ad Hoc transfers to your computer while on the go, and the Eye-Fi Pro X2 card can also be turned into a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi access point as there are now Android and iOS apps available to directly connect your Eye-Fi card to your phone or tablet!

This card also has geotagging and online sharing which can help you to automatically upload your data to over 25 social networking, blogging or sharing websites.

Imagine you are having a BBQ in your backyard and you’re taking pictures of all of the fun your family and friends are having. Do you want to have to take time to dig out another SD card when you fill yours up? No way! Why waste the time? With the Eye-Fi Pro X2, the photos will be uploading to your computer while you are taking them! As long as your camera is on (if your camera has a power save mode, turn it off, the Eye-Fi card needs power to upload the data) the photos and videos will be sent automatically to your computer over your WiFi network! The program creates dated folders so it’s always easy to find your photos and reminds you when they were taken, and with the geotagging function, you’ll never again forget WHERE the photos were taken!

With *direct mode* you don’t even need a wireless network connection. This function will upload your data to your smartphone, tablet or laptop on the go! So, for those hikes or boat rides etc… you will STILL be able to upload your photos and videos.

The Eye-Fi SD cards are available for purchase on their website and at some of your local retailers, a list of which you can find on the website.

I highly recommend that anyone who enjoys taking lots of photos or videos get one of these cards, or two! They also have available a 4 GB Connect X2 card and a 8 GB Mobile X2 card. The Pro X2 is an 8 GB card. I’m sure you’ll find the right one for you!

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