Going Remote With the GoPro WiFi BacPac!

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Anyone out there who has a GoPro Hero original or a GoPro Hero2 camera in their stash of photographic goodies, should really look into investing in the WiFi BacPac and remote for it! This little device gives you the ability to control up to 50 cameras from a distance up to 600’! With the waterproof door, it can also be used in depths of up to 10.3m.

This opens up many possibilities for your filming fun! Also with the app for smart phones and tablets, you can control them with a live view of what you’re filming! I love this feature. One thing I love to do is film the hummingbirds at the feeder we have, but hated having to turn the camera on and hope that we catch something before the chip fills up etc…. now we can set it up and watch and remotely turn the camera on when we see the birds are now feeding!

The remote itself can be worn on a wristband, which is great for the times when you have your camera attached to the chest or head harness etc…we all hate having to take the harnesses off to check to be sure the camera is running as we hoped…now you just hit the remote and it lets you know if the camera is on or not! No more hassle!

The remote enables you to not only turn the camera off and on, but it also allows you to change the shutter and settings control. There is so much that you can do with this little addition to your GoPro camera. It’s a very affordable addition and well worth it!

For the adventurous GoPro users, there are so many possibilities that open up thanks to the WiFi BacPac. Think of everything that can be done! You don’t have to always physically take the camera on hand anymore to change settings, shutter speeds, or to see if it’s on or not…you just use that remote and you’re off!

I’m looking forward to using the WiFi BacPac and remote for some future filming of some upcoming adventures. We’ll definitely share them here when we do.

For fun, as a test, I decided to outfit my dog with the camera and send him into the backyard. I used my iPad to control the camera. Now we can see the world from Murphy’s point of view…and we have to wonder, how does he NOT get dizzy all the time? Here you can view a short clip of that video.

Check them out and order one! Believe me, you’ll love it!

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