Nostalgia At Its Best – Trailerama!

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So many of us, have had great memories which formed as a result of a travel trailer vacation. I know I spent most of my childhood summers in our home away from home on wheels. Seeing different places and meeting different people.  Having a trailer meant so much freedom when it came to where to go!

traileramaTrailerama is a great illustrated book to help bring back those memories.  From photographs to postcards, stories to advertisements, this book has it all.  Trailerama is a fantastic pictorial history of the trailer and the part it played/plays in Americana.

The author, Phil Noyes, does a fantastic job of portraying America’s love for the travel trailer and how it fit into American pop culture and everyday life.  I truly enjoyed this book, from cover to cover; every picture, story and historical fact.

If you loved your time spent in a trailer, then this book is a must have. You will enjoy it.

You can pick up a copy here. The book is published by Gibbs Smith, as are many other fabulous titles.

Pick up a copy and help bring back those great memories. Nothing beats that rolling home away from home.

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