Transportation – To, From and Around Egypt!

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So how do you get to Egypt from here? Why, on EgyptAir, of course! A member of Star Alliance, EgyptAir offers direct flights to Cairo from Toronto and New York City.

Although the flight to Egypt from Toronto is a long one, it is made extremely comfortable by the fantastic staff of the airline.

Taking a flight like that needs some preparation. Keep in mind your circulation and egypt-air_1comfort. EgyptAir does help you with some of that. Pillows, blankets, soft socks, earphones and sleep masks are all provided. They also have a fantastic selection of movies, music and TV for your entertainment. They also try to help you acclimate to the time change by using lighting and the timing of the meals…..Yes, meals!

Even flying coach, we were served three meals on this flight. Dinner was a delicious curry chicken and rice with vegetables and cheesecake for dessert! I egyptair interiorwas pleasantly surprised! A nice sandwich for lunch/snack, then a breakfast of fresh fruit, croissants, yogurt and juice. It was exactly what was needed to help get through the long flight.egyptair food

The flight attendants are all very courteous and kind. They helped provide anything that was needed or requested.

Once on land, we needed a way to get around, and as I had mentioned in my last story, I wouldn’t recommend navigating traffic alone! We were taken around the area by Escapade Travel, A luxury van that carried us and our gear from place to place. Escapade Travel offers many wonderful services, much more than just transportation. They can help you with many of your tourism and adventure needs in Egypt.

About the transportation side of Escapade Travel, we always had very knowledgeable, polite and helpful drivers. So friendly. They took us anywhere we wanted to go and never allowed us to lift a finger. I almost forgot how to open a car door after this trip! It really was the best way to get around the area without any worries. It takes a special knowledge of the area and a way of driving that I don’t think any North American has! They helped make the trip that much more comfortable and smooth.

When you need to drive four hours, from Luxor to Soma Bay, you need this kind of comfort!

horse and buggyOn a smaller scale, you can hire a taxi for a nominal fee in the cities. And as we did, in Kom Ombo, you can hire a horse and buggy driver to take you places. That was a fun experience. This is nothing like taking a similar ride through Central Park! Your horse and driver need to work their way through busy traffic, of cars, trucks and people! It was a fun experience.

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  1. Ruth Kozak says:

    I was impressed with the flights and the land transportation too. The best!

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