Cruising the Nile in Luxury on the Sonesta Star Goddess

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I had the pleasure of sailing the Nile from Aswan to Kom Ombo then on to Luxor on the Sonesta Star Goddess.

Enjoy  taking a cruise, relaxing on board as you travel on the water, only stopping at ports where you can go ashore to see the sights, enjoy some excursions and do some shopping. You need to consider going to Egypt and taking a cruise on the Nile with Sonesta Nile Cruises.

Cruising on the Nile with Sonesta is much more intimate than taking a large cruise linercruise star goddess out to sea. Each of the ships is equipped with just 33 suites, all with private balcony so you can sit and relax to enjoy the view. The view is another noticeable difference, compared to taking a sea cruise. Since you are cruising along the Nile, you have so many things to see and enjoy. Sitting on my balcony of the Sonesta Star Goddess, I was able to not only enjoy the sunrise, but was able to watch fisherman at work, I could see the people along shore, starting their days, tending to crops, gardens and animals. It was a beautiful cruise sunriseexperience, and so relaxing.

Unlike the staterooms on many of the larger cruise lines, the rooms on the Sonesta Star Goddess are more like the rooms of a luxury hotel. Large, spacious and uncluttered. The suites are elegant and comfortable. My room held a king-sized bed, along with the common area which was furnished with sofa, desk, TV etc … everything one would need to feel at home on the Nile.

cruise lobby shot from above1As with the larger cruise lines, Sonesta is run in the same way, but it feels much more personal. The staff get to you know, they refer to you by name, and are always there when you need. The staff is friendly, helpful and courteous. I was always greeted with a smile. I even had the pleasure of having one of the members of the staff take time to teach me some phrases in Arabic and showed me how to write out my name in Arabic letters. If they felt you needed something, they were quick to offer it to you.

The food on board the Sonesta Star Goddess was incredible. I had to hold myself backcruise breakfast 2 from over indulging! A full breakfast buffet daily, lunches; sometimes on the top outside deck, and dinners were both, a la carte and buffet style. The selection was amazing. They offered not only local fare, but also many choices that the average visitor from North America would be used to. A nice selection of beverages is also offered. Service could not be beat, and the food was too good for words.

Sonesta Star Goddess also provides great entertainment to their guests. Parties and shows. While on board they held a disco, an Egyptian Gallabia party and one night we had a belly dance show followed up by the Whirling Dervish (see video below).

The Sonesta Star Goddess also has a pool on the upper deck, where we also enjoyed afternoon tea, and has a spa on the 4th floor. Equipped with hot tub and some workout equipment, they also have massage available to those who may want to indulge.

cruise high dam aswan1It is a beautiful way to travel in Egypt. Before we left Aswan, we visited the sites of the high Dam of Aswan, the Philae Temple and the Granite Quarries. Sailing the Nile, making stops at ports where you can disembark to enjoy some amazing, historical sites. While we stopped in Kom Ombo, we took in the sights of the Temple of Kom Ombo and the Temple of Edfu. At Luxor, The Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Luxor temple and Karnak Temple. There is so much to see, and they givecruise morty luxor you ample time to visit the sites.

I would recommend Sonesta Nile Cruises to anyone who wants a relaxing, elegant and easy way to see Egypt. With the guided excursions with Egyptologists to help you with your visits to the sites, you can’t go wrong. You truly will enjoy a trip with them. I hope to visit them again soon!



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  1. Ruth Kozak says:

    Don’t you wish you were still on board?

  2. Yes! Everything about that cruise was perfect!

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