Travel Safety Tips, Spotlight on Egypt

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YES, it is safe to travel to Egypt! I honestly have never felt safer than when I was in Egypt. They take safety and security very seriously.

Be A Smart Traveler; Your Responsibilities

It is no more dangerous to visit Egypt than to travel to any other destination in theme and girls
world. Anything can happen no matter where you are. It is up to you, the individual, to be vigilant and careful. If you go looking for trouble, it will find you (even in your own back yard), so avoid trouble instead! Security is never an inconvenience, if you feel that it is, then you should never travel anywhere. Remember, you are a visitor. So do your part.

There is nothing more important than the safety of people. So, if I
have to spend an extra minute, to have my bag scanned or to walk through a metal
detector to enter a museum, or hotel, I am more than happy to do it! Which, by
the way, visit most sporting venues or museums in North America, and you have to
go through the same thing!

What To Expect As a Tourist In Egypt

While traveling in Egypt you will encounter the occasional check point on the roadways and yes, at some venues and properties you will have your bags scanned etc… I think it is wonderful that they take security that seriously, as I had said before, I have never felt safer

safetyOther media often focus on the negative because they think it will sell newspapers or get more people to watch their news. I think it is sensationalist and does not paint the real experience in a fair light. While I was in Egypt, I found the people to be kind, friendly and welcoming. As a tourist in Egypt, expect to be welcomed.

I hope to visit Egypt again, and I hope that everyone else out there will consider taking a trip there at least once. You will be safe, you will enjoy every minute and you will be treated with respect and kindness. What else can one ask for in a vacation?

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2 Responses to Travel Safety Tips, Spotlight on Egypt

  1. Ruth Kozak says:

    Well done, and Amen! Yes, we felt perfectly safe — actually safer than often we might at home. And the people were fantastic. I’ve never been so touched by the graciousness and friendliness of people and the way they would stop on the street to welcome us!

  2. Ruth Kozak says:

    You are absolutely right Linda. I felt well-cared for and very safe. Perhaps the only ‘dodgy’ situation is the traffic which is frantic and crazy but we had excellent drivers who knew how to maneuver us safely. People are inclined to listen to sensational propaganda. Frankly, there is probably way more danger here in North America, even in my own city on the west coast, and certainly in US where there are no gun laws.

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