Scenic and Informational Train Trip Through Quito to El Boliche Recreational Park

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If you are in Quito, Ecuador and are looking for a wonderful way to enjoy the surrounding DSC_0231 (2)area and learn about the history, legends and landscape, then you really should take a day and book a trip on the Train. This extremely comfortable scenic viewing train will take you from Quito to El Boliche, with a couple of short stops along the way.

DSC_0241 (2)While on the train, you will be treated to fresh coffee, refreshments and breakfast. All the while, your guide will give you information about the area you are passing through, the volcanoes and some of the legends surrounding it all. Each car has a dedicated guide and service. Your guide is more than happy to answer all of your questions and they encourage you to get involved.

On this trip you will make a short stop at Tambillo, where you can enjoy something from DSC_0272 (2)the cafeteria and use restrooms…then after boarding again and heading off for more adventure, you will stop at Machachi, where there is a cultural demonstration with wonderful music and artisans. We are told before arrival that we all MUST dance when we stop there, and with as wonderful as the music is, everyone does end up dancing. You can’t resist!

DSC_0282 (2)This is such a beautiful way to experience and view the country, all while learning about it and the mountain range.

Your final stop is at El Boliche Recreational Area. With an elevation over 9,600 feet, I will warn you….bring a jacket! I forgot to pack mine and well, it was COLD! Your guide form the train will take you on a short hike. Showing you the flora and explaining details about it, the park and the fauna in the area. It isn’t a long hike, but be prepared if you have some breathing issues, due to the elevation, it can be rough for some.

DSC_0297 (2)It is a beautiful forest. This park also has other things to see and DSC_0300 (2)learn about. Your guide will show it all to you. From the alpacas to the dancers. This park also has cabins that you can rent and stay at. It really is quite a beautiful spot.

The train itself was fantastic. Comfortable and relaxing and really such a wonderful way to enjoy the countryside. I can guarantee you that you will enjoy this part of your visit to Quito if you decide to take it.

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    Great article! This really showcases the beauty and adventure of traveling through Quito and El Boliche. Thanks for sharing!

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