Ole Smoky Moonshine – The Real Thing from Gatlinburg, Tennessee!

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Johnny Baker

Johnny Baker shows off Ole SMoky Moonshine

With deep roots in the Appalachian community of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Johnny Baker and his team will welcome you to their distillery of genuine moonshine. It’s a family business with decades of heritage. The business has grown considerably and has given them the ability to expand their line of available flavours.

Ole Smoky Tasting

Presentation is everything. Ole Smoky Moonshine tasting is an event in and of itself.

Presentation is everything and when you visit Ole Smoky Moonshine, you will not only see walls of various flavours of their product, you’ll get a floor show.

Tastings are available and are done with a very entertaining flair. Come and enjoy this signature product of the Smoky Mountains. The team at Ole Smoky put a lot of love and care into each batch.

When you come to their distillery, the shelves are stocked full of colourful varieties of moonshine. Always packaged in mason jars, they’re available in single jars, multiple packs and you might even get a nice tote bag for it.

Presentation is everything and the moonshine tastings at Ole Smoky are a show in their own right. You’ll see smiles all around and  you’ll be able to sample many different varieties available. It’s all done in the spirit of fun.

Getting here is simplicity itself. Gatlinburg is a town that is easy to walk around. Park your car and everything is an easy stroll. You’ll see the signs everywhere for Ole Smoky Moonshine. Parkway is the main road through Gatlinburg.

So come on down, you’re in for a good time!

Ole Smoky Moonshine, 903 Parkway, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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