Hawaii, the big Island – Neptune Charlie’s Ocean Safaris

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I don’t even know where to begin with this one. This is one straight from my personal bucket list! I got to swim with DOLPHINS in the wild! Thanks to Bryn at Neptune Charlie’s we were able to take their dolphin adventure tour this morning and I must say, anyone who  visits the big Island MUST do this. The crew onboard is amazing, goodhearted folks, friendly and fun and VERY knowledgeable about the ocean life we could see. Well, today was a lucky day!

First we started off by introducing people to the new Travel World Radio Show mascot…Maurice the Moroccan Monkey! He was very demanding about when we should be leaving for this snorkeling tour! Then it was time to board and enjoy the warm sunshine, the company of the crew and the beautiful ocean until we arrived at our first snorkeling destination. We we so blessed, there was a HUGE pod of dolphins spotted nearby and we got in front of them so that everyone could swim with them. This photo shows just a few who swam below me. I was amazed at just how many there were, and how close they came to us all. Also, they are not shy animals and loved to show off for us! No matter what anyone says, this is the best way to enjoy them, going out on a tour like the one Neptune Charlie’s offers, and swimming with them in their environment, NOT in a pool!

Here are a few shots I caught while on the deck of the boat. This large pod of dolphins was swimming by so we swam with them a few times. We’d get into the water for awhile, then we’d get back onto the boat and see where they were headed….we managed to swim among them a few times. It was such a beautiful thing to see and experience.

How can you NOT love this?

We also had the great pleasure of also seeing humpback whales on this trip. I managed to capture a couple of photos of one of them and I have to say, this made my trip!


 I highly recommend Neptune Charlie’s for an ocean adventure while on the big Island. You’ll be very pleased! Even Maurice didn’t want to go back to dry land, as you can see here!  Neptune Charlie’s  also does a night time manta ray swim that we hope to be able to enjoy sometime too.

Do yourself a favour, if you are lucky enough to be able to vacation on the Big Island and have some time to spend on the water…call Neptune Charlie’s you will NOT be disappointed! They are great people, take you out for about 4 hours, serve you lunch, show you an amazing time and teach you a few things about the dolphins, whales and fish that you see on the reefs. You will LOVE this part of your trip! You WILL make memories on this trip.

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