Swim with the dolphins off the coast of Hawaii with Neptune Charlie’s

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Travel World Radio Show in Hawaii

Travel World Radio Show in Hawaii

Yesterday was a wonderful assortment of activity starting with the coolest way I know to start a Hawaiian vacation. Right near Kona, you’ll find the Honokohau Marina, home to Neptune Charlie’s.

They took us out on their boat, The Manta. The staff was friendly and wonderful and made us all feel welcome and comfortable. Even me, the certified chicken, I loved it. All the safety equipment was fully explained, they furnished swim fins, masks and snorkels. Really, the only thing we needed to bring was our towels and sunscreen…

Shouldn't we be missing the ice and snow back home?

We left early in the morning to watch the pods of dolphins returning to safe territory following a night in the ocean. The water was so blue and clear and WARM, it was a spectactularly beautiful sight and enjoyable activity. Lunch was provided and we even saw some humpback whales!

Above all, what really made Neptune Charlie’s so enjoyable was the staff. The people were friendly, cheerful and fun. Plus, for me, there are few things more enjoyable than to see people who so truly love what they do, doing what they love. All in all, this is a must-visit!

Check out these videos:

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