Banjy’s Paradise Bar & Grill

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Banjy’s Paradise Bar & Grill, wow, this is one restaurant that was a find I will pat myself on the back for. Not only are the owners, Jim and Karen fabulous. So friendly and inviting…and the staff, great! Oooohhhh then the food! NOM NOM NOM!

I couldn’t resist ordering one of the specials tonight…a blackened ahi, served on southwestern grits and a mouthwatering salad. This was so perfectly cooked and presented beautifully! It really was an amazing meal. I had NO room for any dessert! We all shared from each others plates and I must say, everything was fabulous!

This is a very nice, family run business, and the entire family is involved. I love that! They have special events for families with children and also support local artists by showcasing the art throughout the restaurant and having it available to sell to interested folks. Came to find out that they have also won many awards! You’ll hear all about that on the show. Oh! Another thing you’ll learn about, I’m sure, is the fun story about how the restaurant got it’s name 🙂

So when you get to the big Island, you have to pay them all a visit at Banjy’s Paradise Bar & Grill.

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