I Heard the Potato Salad Call My Name: Banjy’s Paradise

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If you haven’t already been, go right away and check out Banjy’s Paradise Bar & Grill! Every now and then on a trip, we encounter a real gem. This trip has been so fulfilling so far and Banjy’s is right at the top of the list of amazing discoveries for me!

Well, it’s time to let the secret out!

Sure, it’s not on the main ring road around the Big Island (Hwy 19/11), you’ll have to grab Waikoloa Road and travel 5-6 miles into Waikoloa Village where there is a small residential town and a golf course. Banjy’s is right there.

So you have to go find it. But, oh when you do! You’ll be reading more about it right here. What’s their secret? Why is this a MUST VISIT?

Two major elements: 1) Jim and Karen, the owners and proud parents of the real Banjy, and 2) the food. OMG THE FOOD!

Their prime rib sliders, bbq pork sliders and mama’s own potato salad will make it worth any sort of trip, including crossing the pacific on a bridge made of what I might call “water sliders”….

Listen to the live show with Banjy’s in our audio archive … and you’ll also see just why any place where there is Jim and Karen is going to be a fun place.
It’s been a long long time since we had SUCH an enjoyable evening. WOW.

As for the title? Well, as a child, the board of education, in its infinite wisdom, handed out a book called “I Heard The Owl Call My Name” by Margaret Craven. Just WHY they would make children read a book about a con artist who steals a precious artifact and ruins three lives in the process will remain a mystery right up there with why they force kids to play “the recorder” instead of real musical instruments. Maybe the Collenette Canteloupe Corporation can give us some hints.
Anyway, the title of this travesty of literature is derived from a belief shared by some Native Americans that when you hear the owl call your name, death is imminent. See? What an uplifting book for kids. (shakes head)

The title of this post, therefore, refers to a promise that when you hear the potato salad call your name, you’re either being called out by Ron White or in my case, food paradise awaits you at Banjy’s Paradise Bar & Grill

Don’t delay – go today! It’s so good, they built a village around it!

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