Blue Hawaiian Helicopters – A Must Visit

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I used to think of helicopters as “nice to have” part of a Hawaiian visit. That is, until I experienced Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

Linda at Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Linda at Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

In the past, I’d taken helicopter tours at theme parks and events so I thought I knew what to expect.
Wow, I never expected it to be so awesome!
For starters, you need to book your seat – it’s like a scheduled airline. It doesn’t stop there. You arrive at the terminal, check in and then are given a safety briefing.
Just about everybody at Blue Hawaiian is warm and friendly.
We flew a helicopter called the Eco Star. This is an ideal sightseeing helicopter and Blue Hawaiian had input in its design. There is no bad seat on the Eco Star. Even from the back, you can see everything, as you will notice in the video.

Eco Star Helicopter

Blue Hawaiian's 6-seat Eco Star Helicopter

Every tour with Blue Hawaiian is an individually handled flight with great personal attention. Seats are assigned by their computer, based on weight and balance. Now I was a little worried by this but it’s handled very discreetly. Everybody is asked to step on a pad and the only indicator is the agent simply saying “thank you, we have it”.
The crew boarded us individually and buckled us in. Since helicopters are fairly noisy inside, we each had a headset which totally insulated us from the sound. We were treated to some great music that totally went with the scenery and we could hear ourselves talk using the helicopter’s sound system. We each had push-to-talk microphones so everyone could ask questions.
Speaking of personal treatment, our pilot got to know each one of us by name. He then gave us a very personalized tour, like as if he was showing us his own back yard. He had facts, figures and interesting tidbits to offer, all supplied with warmth and friendliness. In addition, the pilot flew the helicopter so smoothly, even the most white-knuckled among us was very comfortable and happy.

Like they told us before we boarded, the real smiles come out after the trip. They were not wrong! Not only was this one of the best ways to view Hawaii, it should be considered a must-do on any Hawaiian visit. Work it into your trip schedule and be sure to tour Hawaii with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters! Our pilot was Jeremy and he was terrific.
Please enjoy the video below, and you’ll see what we experienced.

Here are Willem and Linda’s individual impressions:

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