Charge It!!! On the Go with PowerBags!

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I just got my hands on one of the best things for anyone who uses gadgets and who is on the go, which is just about everyone these days. A Powerbag  business class backpack! This bag is amazing! For someone like me, who travels a lot and relies on their iPad, cell phone and cameras being fully charged at all times, and who has a bad habit of forgetting to plug them in at night or who can’t always find time to leave them sitting plugged into a wall, these bags are the BEST item to have.

The Powerbag is a portable charging station for all your small electronic needs. The battery pack (6000 mAh in mine which can hold roughly enough power to charge your smartphone 4 times) in the bag takes no time to get its initial charge and then you’re set to go. It has three built in connectors; an Apple connector, and a combo Mini/Micro-USB connector and it also has a full size USB port capable of providing 2.1A for charging larger USB-powered devices at faster speeds. The USB port is also great if you have more than one device that needs charging with one of the provided connectors, and can add your own connector to it.

This bag has pockets and compartments for everything and is very well padded to protect all of your gear. And for people like me, who travel often, it is checkpoint friendly! It has a great pocket on the back, well padded, to hold up to a 15″ laptop and it opens flat to go through TSA security! I honestly do think the bag has a pocket for everything, even a soft, lined pocket for your glasses! The bag is perfect for anyone who is on the go and needs to have power at their fingertips.

I’m hoping to do a future trip that will take me away from all electricity sources for at least 24 hours, this bag will be the handiest then! I’ll have the power for my iPad, phone and camera and enough space in the bag for everything else I need for an overnight stay. Even a side pocket for my water bottle! I will be talking about this bag often in my travels, I can see this happening.

Powerbag is available in the backpacks like I have, and also other styles; messenger bags, briefcases; wheeled and not (which would be great for Willem!) and slings too! There really is a bag for everyone!

This is the ultimate bag for travelers, business people and students. You will never again have to worry about your gadget running out of juice if you have one of these bags in your possession! Get one! You’re going to love this bag!

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