Manta Ray Feeding with Neptune Charlie’s Ocean Safaris: Video

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Every now and then, an extra special treat comes along. I must admit that I was terrified at first of the idea of diving in the Pacific at night and further scared by the idea of rays swimming close to me.
That’s where the good folks at Neptune Charlie’s Ocean Safaris came along and made me feel VERY comfortable and happy.

Manta Rays feed on plankton and they live a very long life – comparable to people, it seems. These rays are also known to the crew, some by name, and they are friendly to people.
Neptune Charlie’s provides a wet suit, snorkel gear and a light. The light attracts the plankton which means we’ve just served up a dinner buffet for our new friends, the Manta Rays.
I was amazed at the grace and beauty of these creatures and how they fed. What you see below is the video I shot with my own camera on this voyage.

All I can say is “WOW”. Was I ever impressed.
Thank you for a wonderful adventure, Neptune Charlie’s!

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