Relay for Life with myPowerBag!

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I joined a team of friends to help fight cancer by walking in the Relay for Life. My team, the Pineapple Avengers, worked hard to raise funds for the Relay and most of us spent the entire weekend on the school grounds to do our ‘round the clock walk!

My PowerBag was a savior! With over a dozen of us taking part on this team, just imagine how many cell phones, cameras and tablets there were, and with no electricity available to us … but I did have my PowerBag!

After explaining to the few who hadn’t heard me talk about the bag before, what it does, it didn’t take long for them to be fighting over the charge haha! Not a moment went by, over the weekend that I didn’t have at least one phone owned by a teammate, charging in the bag.

People forget just how attached we are to our phones, until they run out of juice! Even on a weekend like for the Relay, we need them. A great way to keep track of each other when in a large venue and of course one of the best ways to let our friends at home know what’s going on, via social media. Without my PowerBag that weekend, we’d have lost that ability! Everyone would have had to have waited until we were all home to know just how fun and successful the Relay was. Something they had supported from the beginning.

Between keeping my camera charged for photos to share of the event, and keeping everyone’s phones charged so they could share photos and stories of the Relay, the PowerBag was our life saver.

If you don’t have one of these yet, you really need to consider picking one up. Whether it is because you’re just on the go a lot, or you like to go to remote places but still need to keep in touch with the rest of us, the PowerBag is a MUST. Stay Charged with PowerBag! I don’t know what we did without them!

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