Recording Memories with GoPro!

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I love photography, and video. There is nothing like recording an adventure, memory or even history on film. Loving to also travel and to try new and exciting things, I have now found what is possibly the BEST way to record all of those things; my GoPro camera!

I never would have expected such great film and photo quality to come out of such a tiny package! This little camera, without its water/shock resistant case is only about 2 inches long, but it has the most amazing wide angle lens capability, you have to see to believe!

The GoPro Hero2 is fabulous (as is my GoPro Naked) the Hero2 can not only take photos and video, either above or under water, but it can also be set to *Burst* mode where it will take 10 photos in 1 second! It also has time lapse and a self-timer. My favourite though, will always be the video mode with this little camera. The resolution is 960p-30fps (default-but the highest resolution is 1080-30) and it has a field of view of 170 degrees wide! Your little pocket camera will envy this guy!

There are many different mounts available to help you use the GoPro camera, I have a few of them, including the headband mount, which may look odd to wear, but sure helps get those great hands free videos! I LOVE also that with the casing, it is totally waterproof! Check out the videos we took, using the GoPro Naked while in Hawaii. Not only did we take it down a 175’ waterslide, we took it out into the ocean at night to video the manta rays! It is fabulous! This camera records full sound too!

I have many future plans for my GoPro, keep an eye on us to see what we do next! I can tell you this, if you’re into any kind of sport, hobby and especially outdoor fun, you need to get one of these! Just think, recording your mountain biking trip, kayaking, horseback riding, snorkeling, skiing…whatever you love to do, save those memories on film, either still or video with GoPro!!!

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