Tom Adkinson


Tom’s father, an Associated Press editor for a number of years, admonished him, “Son, don’t ever work

Tom Adkinson

Tom Adkinson

for newspapers. The hours are bad, and the pay is worse.” So, you guessed it, Adkinson got a journalism degree at University of Tennessee and started his work life at The Knoxville News-Sentinel.

 A very nice stint at Southern Living thoroughly baptized him into travel writing. He then went back to a newspaper (The Birmingham News) for a while before jumping the fence into public relations. However, he didn’t stray from travel and hospitality, because his long-term PR employer was the parent of the Grand Ole Opry. He knew and worked with both Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl.


Tom Adkinson at the was museum

Tom Adkinson at the wax museum

Nashville is home, but he wanders. He is a Marco Polo member of the Society of American Travel Writers and is accredited by the Public Relations Society of America. He likes to catch trout wherever he can, but he almost always leaves them for other fishermen to meet another day.

Tom fly fishing

Fly fishing with Tom