Affiliate Info

Travel World Central is part of the Travel World Radio Network, carrying travel and lifestyles programming.

At one time carried on ABC Satellite, Liberty Works Radio Network, CAB Radio Network, all shows are now available in podcast. They are MP3 files, freely available to download and air. See our audio archive.


Travel World is a one-hour weekly travel magazine.

  • There are 4 segments and 3 commercial breaks.
  • Each commercial break is 4 minutes long:
    2 minutes: national ads.
    2 minutes: local ads.
  • We supply satellite automation tones:
    25 Hz = switch to local programming.
    35 Hz = switch to our programming.


Travel World Central is aimed mainly at women 25-54. Our most recent demographics show this.


Travel World Central has been heard on many radio stations across America. Download our station list. Since 2005, our Internet presence has allowed many stations to simply download and run our shows, which has become the distribution method of choice.
We are also actively seeking more affiliates to carry our program. If you wish to carry Travel World Central on your radio station, please write to us:


Travel World Central retains all rights of ownership to its original produced content. You are licensed to rebroadcast on an unlimited basis provided that:

  • the show or segment  is run intact
  • our national ads are run intact. The local ads are yours to run your own content.

We do appreciate when you notify us that you will carry or run Travel World Central and you can be included in our station list.


Ads are available in our national and local ad categories. All of our commercials are recorded with our shows and are archived that way.

Ads placed in the national category are aired on every station. Here are our Ad Rates

Ads placed in the local category may or may not air at the discretion of the local affiliate.



  • No cell phones. Call from a land line.
  • No conference calling on the guest side.
  • Interviewees that miss their appointed time (no-shows) will be charged a no-show fee of 150$ CAD.. This includes late-shows. BE ON TIME.


  • You must be approved by Travel World first and foremost.
  • You must furnish a bio and photograph to be placed on the web site.
  • You are then responsible to produce at least one program per year comprising two segments on Travel World.
  • A show filing fee applies of 100$ CAD, subject to change without notice. This is payable in advance by credit card only.
  • You will then have the right to call yourself a Travel World correspondent. ALL trips MUST be approved by Travel World BEFORE you go.
  • Business cards are available for a fee from Travel World. You are not permitted to make your own business cards referencing Travel World. Only official Travel World business cards are valid.
  • The same goes for shirts/mugs and other logo’d items.


ONLY those people listed on our correspondent page are official Travel World correspondents. If they are not listed, they ARE NOT correspondents. Should anyone claim to be affiliated with Travel World in any capacity and they do not appear on our site, please notify us immediately.


Technical guidelines.

  • We require electricity and a desk or table suitable for at least two people.


  • The power receptacle must be 110VAC
  • grounded
  • should be able to deliver at least 10A
  • It must be located within 4 feet of the broadcast table.
  • It must not be on a share circuit with any large appliances – refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, large electric motors, washing machines, laser printers or any device that will cause significant power disruption.
  • Power from generators is iffy at best.
  • Extension cords are OK provided that they are 3-prong GROUNDED power cords.


  • High speed Internet connection (wifi is also OK) is required.


We usually like to visit the broadcast site the day before the show to ensure that technical requirements are met. Next, we will arrive at the broadcast site between 30 and 60 minutes prior to broadcast time and we will set up the show equipment.

Depending on the type of remote, we will link up to our studio by 15 minutes prior and we will stay continually connected until at least 5 minutes after.

It is up to the sponsor to ensure that these technical requirements are met BEFORE we arrive to set up the show. 30 minutes prior to broadcast time is TOO LATE to rectify problems. We reserve the right to NOT do the broadcast if these conditions are not satisfactory. You will be charged anyway.